Hundred Club

SOON met with Gabby and Scott of ‘Hundred Club,’ a small independent clothing label currently based in Exeter, to learn a bit more about where and when the project got started and hear all about the inspiration behind the latest collection.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your brand…
I’m Gabby, I’m 21, from East London and I’m in my final year at Exeter University. In my spare time I play around on Adobe Illustrator, designing and creating print ideas for my clothing label Hundred Club.

Where did the name come from?
It comes from the idea of each piece being super limited. Getting a piece from Hundred Club is like being part of an exclusive / secret club because we only make 100 prints of everything. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

When did it all start?
I was fed up of everyone being led into buying the same things from big retail chains, or how expensive it is to buy more exclusive items (I’m looking at you Supreme!) so I found a small UK printing team and released my first piece in August 2017.

Who’s on the team? Do you make everything yourselves?
It’s just me and my boyfriend! We take my laptop everywhere and come up with new ideas and designs on the go; be it on the tube, in a cafe or even on facetime! When we are finally happy with a design we get them printed, and we package and ship them all out of my flat.

Who are your main icons? Are you particularly influenced by a certain designer or fashion label?
I try not to look too much at what other people are doing, but I take a lot of inspiration from people watching, magazines, collaging, and even Instagram… I name every item after people that inspire me. Some other clothing companies I find really inspiring are Paloma Wool, Lazy Oaf and Golf Wang.

So you’re about to release some new products, tell us a bit about what’s new? 
We have just released a new tote and 2 new tees! The tote has little faces in an abstract design, and the tees feature a line drawing of a girl, with a beret, because berets are where it’s at!

What are your hopes for Hundred Club’s future?
To keep releasing stuff that people love, and staying original! I’d love to do a pop up shop at some point, and look to collaborate with more creative people!

To see more from Hundred Club, head over to their Website or follow them on Instagram