Strangers Suggest: Daisy Lander

For Part III of the ‘Strangers Suggest’ series we met Daisy, an A Level student from Pembrokeshire College.

Who are you? Daisy Takahashi Lander

What do you do? Take photos, make clothes and procrastinate work.

Suggestions of Songs to Listen to when you’re feeling:

HAPPY: ‘The Oogum Boogum Song’- Brenton Wood. This song is pure joy.
SAD: ‘Between the Bars’- Elliot Smith. This song rips my heart out every time I listen to it.
ANGRY: ‘Castles Made of Sand’- Jimmy Hendrix. This song is so lyrically intricate that it’ll fill your mind and distract you for a little while.
ENERGETIC: ‘Wait a Minute!’- Willow. It’s such a bloody tune, I play it in my friends cars and scream it.
NOSTALGIC: ‘Stop This Train’- John Mayer. This song is long car trips, lukewarm tea from flasks and nonsensical, meaningless chats with my sister.
DRUNK: ‘Bedroom Eyes’- Natty.
TIRED: ‘Sweet Wanomi’- Bill Withers.
IN-LOVE: ‘La Vie en Rose’- Edith Piaf. Never been in love but I assume this is what it’s like. Also, French makes anything sound romantic.
INSPIRED: ‘Epilepsy Is Dancing’- Antony and the Johnsons. The video for this song is also pretty spectacular.
CALM: ‘Ribs’- Lorde. It’s got a slow beat that comes alive and engulfs you.

Photographed by Leia Morrison in Cardigan, Wales.