OTR: Fay in France

‘On The Road’ is our brand new addition to the travel chapter. It’s a new feature where we will be following the journeys of several intrepid individuals road tripping and travelling their way around different parts of the world. The series is all about capturing the SOON moments when we’re away, be it the make do’s and solutions we come up with when we’ve forgotten to pack something, or the absolutely beautiful yet simple and natural things we stumble across on our journeys. All the photos will be unedited and captured through the lens of a 35mm disposable camera. The series is all about getting more people involved in The SOON Project and encouraging creativity through the use of film. 

For Part I of the Series we follow Fay Burnett, a Fine Art Student from Kingston, currently studying at ESAD Valence for 1 year Erasmus, who took photos on a 35mm camera over a period of 10 days on a road trip doing a loop through the south of France; starting in Valence, passing through the countryside of Joyeuse, to the sea-side of Collioure, towns of Avignon and Toulouse, and mountains reaching the border of Spain.

 “The gorges of Rennes-les-Bains, beneath a chapel built into the rock, where we stopped for a dip en route to Toulouse.”

“On the morning of my 22nd birthday, next to a river and out of the tent once again, readily equipped with champagne but no flutes, we improvised with our avocado skins and egg shells left from breakfast, which we thought were even better than normal glasses, and no taste difference either…”

“This is Layla. We woke up in a secluded spot along the river from Pont-Du-Gard in the South of France. Aurore gave us this Aboriginal mud that she said would revive our face and hair. So after deep nourishment, here Layla is washing it off with a saucepan of water, as the wind was a little too brisk for a full body soak that morning.”

“Managed to pitch up camp in a river bed in Lagorce, South Ardèche, as during the month of April it had dried up, along with the raging waterfall which was not so raging after all. Though a pleasant turquoise pool was still to see, and the rocks around it still formed the shape of a flying bat.”

If you want to get involved with the OTR series and are soon planning to go away, don’t hesitate to get in touch: leia@thesoonproject.co.uk