Cut & Weave Clothing

This week SOON met with Lucia Nikolaeva-Reynolds, an A Level student currently based in West Wales, to learn how to up-cycle old clothes using the very simple ‘Cut and Weave’ technique. It’s pretty straight forward but it’s also a wonderful way to avoid chucking out unloved items of clothing in your cupboards by making them interesting again. Below, Lucia has put together a step by step guide on how to do it yourself so that you too can revive the boring pieces in your wardrobe…

STEP ONE: Take your tape measure and chalk and create 1 inch markings in a straight line where you want the weave detailing to be.

STEP TWO: Using your scissors, snip each chalk marking- leaving 1 inch holes.

STEP THREE: To make things easier, wear the leggings and stretch the holes in the material.

STEP FOUR: Starting at the top of the leg, take the material between the second and third hole down and loop it over the material between the first and second hole…

… Repeat this action, looping the material between the third and fourth hole over the second and third and so on until you reach the second to last hole on the material.

STEP FIVE: When you reach the second to last hole, cut the material between the second to last and last hole and tie both cut ends around the material at the end of the leggings.

… and that’s it!

If you don’t fancy making a pair of leggings you can apply the same technique to a top, a shirt or just about anything really…