Interviewing Kiernan Abbott (ISSUE ONE’s Cover Boy)

A lot has changed for Kiernan Abbott since we photographed him for the cover of Issue One back in June of 2016. In London, we met to find out about his year of modelling, university changes and more. 

So, Kiernan- tell us about what has been going on in your life since the Issue One shoot? Since the shoot I’ve gone to uni, dropped out, reapplied and been accepted, sold my childhood home in Cardigan, worked at a cocktail bar in Bath, moved to Devon with my family to study, then moved to London for the Summer to push the modelling and to earn some money. I somehow also met a girl in the process.

How is the modelling going? Is it what you expected? Modelling has been a mixed bag. Since I was scouted at Boardmasters when I was 17 it’s been very on and off due to other commitments like school or work. Being a 5 hour train away from a simple casting or shoot made it even more difficult to push it as a career. I’m still with Models1 but recently had a change in bookers. I’ve found myself doing a lot of magazine shoots, meeting a lot interesting people in the process. I was lucky enough to be invited to parties such as the Emporio Armani Fragrances launch, Topman x James Bay party, Taylor Hill x Joe Jeans to name a few. So overall it’s been an interesting experience so far.

If you had to give an aspiring model some advice, what would it be? The fashion industry is as predictable as British weather. For me, modelling was sprung upon me without notice so it’s taken me a while to fully understand the industry, and even now I’m still learning. The UK’s leading agencies like Models1, Storm and Elite are always looking for ‘new faces’, and the range of models is expanding more and more now. In short, be proud of your image and don’t be afraid to just go for it. There is no harm in sending off your pictures to an agency, it’s a ‘yes/no’ industry so do not be afraid of rejection. Stay grounded and be proud of your roots, I’m always bigging up Cardigan, regardless on whether I’m talking to James Bay or someone on the tube.

When we were shooting you for Issue One, you had just accepted a place to study Film at Bath Spa. How is that going for you? I lasted 5 weeks before I dropped out. I realised that I wasn’t at the right uni and felt that I could achieve more somewhere I’d be better suited. I’m currently waiting for results to see whether I’ll be going to Bristol or Exeter. This year has been incredibly emotional but also very productive. I’ve met some life long friends at Bath Spa, but I’ve cost myself a lot of money doing it. I’ve come out of the year more independent, and with a drive to ensure I don’t make the same mistakes again. To anyone reading this still on the fence about university, I would recommend a year out. It allows you to mature and to be more confident, plus you have the freedom to see the world.

What do you hope to achieve within a year from now? I hope to have finished my first year in uni with the best grades I could achieve, to have made some good friends, expand my contact list and to have a plan for what I’ll do next summer holidays. In regards to modelling, booking a campaign would be cool too. But my education and concentration on a career in film will always come first. As I write this I hope to be able to spend the summer both earning money and travelling, so if an opportunity like that comes my way I’ll welcome it with open arms.

Now that we’ve brushed up on the big things in your life,  we’d like to know a bit about the small aspects of you that reflect your personality and character during this moment in your (seemingly very busy) life.

Favourite song? Tom Misch and Zak Abel – Beautiful Escape (Reminds me of home and I’ve seen him twice)

Favourite item of clothing? Basement Band t shirt (it’s black and has a funky print on the back)

Favourite place? The Pizzatipi (my friends and I spend 99% of our time there)

Favourite colour? Something pale or pastel in combo with black

Favourite sound? Tom Misch plucking the strings of his guitar

Favourite smell? The new Armani fragrance I got Gracie

Favourite film? Just Jim by Craig Roberts (James Dean causing havoc in a small town in Wales)

Favourite moment from the past year? Linking up with mates from home in Bristol

To see Kiernan Abbot’s portfolio, visit, or to receive updates of his face and life (because who wouldn’t, he’s an angel in jeans and a t-shirt) follow his Instagram @kiernanabb

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