Starting an online space and magazine surrounding ‘The SOON Project’ concept came about in the Summer of 2015. I was travelling around Italy at the time, age 16, with my sister Hattie when I came across the Italian proverb, L’arte D’arrangiarsi,’ which translate to ‘The Art of Making Something out of Nothing’. I was instantly excited by this. Inspired by the idea of highlighting the beauty in everyday simplicity and celebrating the creativity of local people who make things from scratch everyday, I started a magazine. The title came along shortly after the concept, I came up with The SOON Project name by creating the acronym from The Art of Making ‘Something Out Of Nothing.’


The first issue of the magazine was released back in December 2016 and I’ve been trying to keep it growing since then. With the new release of the second issue we see the addition of three new features, The ‘On The Road Series,’ The ‘Strangers Suggest’ Series and The ‘Young and Creative’ Series, all focusing on getting more people involved and celebrating creativity in one way or another.

For the third issue of the magazine, I aim to continue to celebrate creativity and meet even more inspiring people, from further a field, to feature in The SOON Project.

THE EDITOR – Leia Morrison

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